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500 Startups Ecosystem Development Advisory aims to identify gaps in underleveraged startup ecosystems, and to create an action plan for jumpstarting investment and entrepreneurship activities in those ecosystems.

Underleveraged ecosystems show a lack of access to funding, lack of mentor support, presence of cultural objections toward failure and risk, unfavorable legislation, lack of foreign investment, and lack of connections with SV and other innovation ecosystems.

These are considerable challenges, but also ones that are solvable.

The 500 Startups Ecosystem Development Advisory leverages our experience investing at high scale across multiple geographies to overcome these challenges and create the next innovation center in an emerging region, attract more investments and more growth.

Ecosystem Advisory Platform.

Fund Structuring advisory

  • 500 Startups has been involved in the setting up of more than 15 Funds around the world.

  • We advise governments, corporates and MicroFund managers on operational and managerial best practices.

  • We provide fund managers training, investment guidelines, structured advisory services, and a blueprint of how these funds will support the tech ecosystem in a given region.

Accelerator Management Education

  • How to build a pipeline for sourcing great applications.

  • Financial management for accelerators.

  • How to build a mentor network.

  • Promoting cross-company interaction.

  • Investor network & Portfolio management.

  • Post-program community engagement.

Customized Advisory

500 Startups can customize entrepreneurial ecosystem building advisory work to best serve a variety of geographies. Our global team and commitment to innovation drive our work in this field.

New announcement: 500 Melbourne.

500 Melbourne works alongside local accelerators, corporates and other startup investors to develop and grow the Australian startup ecosystem and help connect Australia with investors and mentors in the Silicon Valley tech community and around the world.

This is a comprehensive series of startup, investor education programs and events to help support top Aussie startups, angel investors, VCs and the larger Australia startup community.

The 500 Melbourne core acceleration program accepts 25 startups annually from Australia and the APAC region, and provides the same caliber of mentorship and expertise our Silicon Valley startups receive.


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